OMEGA Sound Machine (2015-2017 )

Project Summary

In February 2015, I launched an Indiegogo campaign to begin funding the design and development of a new Sound Machine project entitled ‘OMEGA SOUND MACHINE’. I raised $5500 towards the project which included 10 pre-orders of the OMEGA SOUND MACHINE electronic sound instrument.

After several months of research and development, unexpected interruptions to the project schedule, and completion of perks is complete with the exception of the OSM pre-orders and a sculpture.

The OMEGA SOUND MACHINE is scheduled for completion by the end of
August 2015  August 2016 MAY 2017.



  • It will include a four voice oscillator bank built on the CMOS 40106 IC with two LFO oscillators that can be toggled on/off to gate the four voices. Each oscillator will be controlled by a volume pot (or slider), a pitch pot, and on/off switch. The oscillator bank output will then be sent to the OMEGA EFFECT circuit with a control pot for amount.
  • There will be an instrument input (guitar, microphone) which will be fed through the OMEGA EFFECT circuit as well with control of amount.
  • The OMEGA EFFECT will include the following (please note this may change during circuit design/development):
    • distortion
    • pitch tracking
    • cut-off filter


Update January 2017:

I am currently sourcing components and testing circuitry. I got a VANS subsidized studio space at the Manual Training Collective in Halifax, NS and aim to finish the OMEGA SOUND MACHINE there.

And again, wish to thank all of the people who have supported the campaign and my work.


Update November 2017:

OMEGA SOUND MACHINE finished and shipped!